Device Bondage

Device Bondage

Device Bondage

See Swiss tortured by loads of devices here

Device Bondage offers many great clips of people tied and subjected to no end of sexual tortures. In this clip a stunning woman named Swiss is put through a lot of these tortures. She starts off having a gasmask put on and her legs tied high in the air and has en electric dildo shoved in her ass and an electric butterfly type device on her pussy. As well as these she has cattle prods and whips used on her exposed ass before changing positions to have her legs tied in the air with a leg spreader keeping her wide open. She has pegs put all the way down her inner thighs and onto her pussy before they are yanked off as a zipper. The are plenty of other tortures, this is just a taster but to give you some idea she has whips and paddles used on her. That’s not to mention some other items like canes and she is tied in all different ways including to some pipes, all designed to leave her as open and vulnerable as possible. Electric sex seems to be one of her tormentors favourite things and he sets about her with all sorts of electric pussy torture using all sorts of items for weird insertions. You can see the full clip of Swiis getting beaten and tortured by clicking here.

Sister Dee Gets Some Serious Spanking From Cyd

Device Bondage

Device Bondage

Watch the trailer of this and the rest of the scenes here.

Sister Dee comes to Device Bondage looking for some fun, what she found was some serious pain. She’s chained and put into a box with an electrified grate over the top of her so close that her tits are either side of one of the bars. It’s hard enough to stay perfectly still in this position but Cyd makes it harder by using a cattle prod on her and nipple clamps to pull her nipples through the grate knowing Dee just has to lett him do it. Next he locks Dee in a position where her head is below ground level with her ass in the air. He uses a larger butt plug before whipping and spanking her hard.That’s just the first two scenes.

MILF Felony Has Multiple Forced Orgasms In Tight Bondage

tits flogged

Watch Felony tied in a great position leaving her vulnerable to so many sexual tortures

Felony is a stunning MILF who really likes to have multiple orgasms but every girl has her limits. In this scene from Device Bondage she is bent over backwards with a bar in her back and tied using other bars. Her pussy and tits are pushed out for whatever punishment she deserves. The first of these punishments is a hard pussy whipping and from her position her sensitive clit gets whipped a lot. Her tits are squeezed as she is fingered to her first forced orgasm. She is then oiled up and has her huge tits flogged before a vibrators gets another orgasm from her. After 3 or 4 more orgasms she has squirting orgasms, screaming from such intense orgasms.

Big Tit Mason Moore Forced Multiple Orgasms While In Device Bondage

Forced Multiple=

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Mason Moore has huge tits which are just perfect to be used and abused. Her tit torture is used to help bring her to so many forced orgasms she’s in pain by the end. She has her arms tied behind her with bars and her legs tied the same way spread wide giving perfect access for pussy torture. Her massive tits are tied well and nipple clamps placed on them and two vibrators used at the same time on her pussy and clit bringing her to a couple of intense orgasms. By then she was screaming and swearing but that didn’t stop the torture. The vibrators continued and the tit torture became harder till she had a lot more orgasms.

Bobbi Starr Forced To Orgasm

See Bobbi forced to come

Bobbie Starr has been around for a while now and the only thing she has said she doesn’t like is the Sybian. That may be why she was asked to do this scene. She was made to sit on the Sybian with the dildo in her pussy and vibrator on her clit as Dragonlily fingered her till she had managed a few orgasms.

When sufficiently sore she was made to lie on her back as the Piledriver and Mojo take turns fucking her pussy and ass while a vibrator is held on her sore clit. She has so many orgasms she is screaming from the pain but the vibrator is held there.

After a few closeups of the machines fucking her pussy and ass and the squirting orgasms coming out from around it they let her go. She said afterwards that she did like the Sybian and think she may have another go when fully recovered. You can see Bobbi over at Fucking machines.

Lolita Haze Bound Naked For Electric Sex

Watch Lorelei Lee push her past her limits

Lolita was afraid of the electricity from the start but managed to carry on through most of it. She was bound and gagged to a pole then stripped. Lorelei used the zapper on her and when she managed that she brought out the cattle prod. Lolita was made to lick pussy and told if she stopped before Lorelei came the cattle prod would be used.

Copper tape was wrapped around her then puts pegs on her nipples. She is made to suck a huge dildo which is then used to strapon fuck her. An electric dildo is used in her pussy then an anal buttplug. She eventually gets an an electro-stem as well as she is ass fucked.

This is the first time I have ever seen someone use a safe word on any of these scenes, in fact I didn’t think they had one. She was in so much pain that she used it but Lorelei then helped her to get past these limits and go a lot further, by the end she was taking as much as most others. A great scene where you get to see how much this hurt, it can be found at WiredPussy.

MILF Tied And Gagged For Extreme Pussy Torture

Watch this bed bound woman suffer female torture

When this blonde slavegirl allows herself to be tied to a bed she knows she is going to suffer. Stripped and tied so she can’t move a pinwheel is run up and down her pussy and over her clit as she screams. Her tits are tied tight and a ballgag fitted to keep her quiet.

A plastic circle with pegs are attached all around her pussy lips spreading her pussy wide open and a knife is jabbed at her pussy. While this is happening suction tubes attached to her nipples are set at high speed as her tits are milked then a stick dildo used to fuck her pussy while her lips are stretched to breaking point.

The tubes are removed so hot wax can be dripped on her nipples then the ropes are removed from her tits. Chains are used to bind her tits with tight nipple clamps attached. She suffered real tit torture in this scene. You can find more bound and gagged women here at Pain Freaks.

Aug 9, 2010 – Isis Love and Rain DeGrey

Click here to see Rain forced to come while bound and tied

The guys wanted to see if they could do a live scene where it had only be done recorded before. They told Rain they wanted to see how many forced orgasms they could get from her in half an hour and she readily agreed and to also having no safe word as this was live. I bet she wishes she hadn’t now.

She is bound naked to the floor and a vibrator gets her first orgasm from her in a few minutes. The vibrator isn’t moved and she is soon screaming as her sensitive clit is put into overload. A slap to the face quietens her down as she screams through her second orgasm and she is fingered to a third straight after.

Her head is held to make her look as the vibrator is used again to bring a few more orgasms and by then she is thrashing to try and get out. She is fingered to more with her movements only making it worse. Isis Love then makes it worse by fisting her pussy as the vibrator continues to get orgasm after painful orgasm from her. See the pussy torture of women bound and gagged at Hogtied.

Young Porn Star Bound And Fucked

Click here to see this bound and tied porn star tortured

Aurora Snow seems to have been around for ages but is still very young and always willing to try new things. In this scene she is tied down using metal bars with her legs spread wide and her ass and pussy available for anything. It starts quite fast with the master running up and whipping her pussy hard.

He cuts the rest of her clothes off and attaches nipple clamps before getting back to whipping her ass and pussy then fingering her to orgasm. A stick dildo is inserted in her ass which he fucks her with before letting a fucking machine take over while he fingers her pussy.

As the fucking machine Omega pounds her ass he whips it hard before fingering her again. He rips the clothespins off as she has yet another painful orgasm leaving her screaming in ecstasy. This great scene can be found over at Device Bondage.

Hard Pussy Torture Of Amber, Ami And Natalie Live

pussy pumped

pussy pumped

wax on pussy

wax on pussy

Watch these 3 stunners get their tits tortured as well as their pussy torture.

Device Bondage have started some really good live feeds where you get to see women suffer pussy torture live on your computer. This is part 2 of the December feed and features Natalie Minx, Ami Emerson and Amber Keen being sexually tortured by Damon Pierce. You’ll see loads of pussy torture including pussy pump action, very heavy wax play with wax on pussy and tits. I won’t tell you much more about this as it’s something that has to be seen, some of the nipple torture is very extreme and the zipper at the start leaves enough marks for you to know how much it hurts.