Sinn Sage Tied And Tortured

Watch Sinn tortured in bondage here

Sinn Sage is a journalist who is poking her nose into things she shouldn’t and ends up getting tied to a bed naked by Dragonlily, Bobbi Starr and Felony. All 3 are determined to find out what she knows and start off with some tit torture, whipping her tits and biting her nipples.

Foot worship is next followed by hot wax on her nipples. She is finger fucked then tied standing up to have her ass spanked till it’s red. She is fucked with a dildo on a stick through orgasm after orgasm until she is in tears. She is then tied to a wooden table on her back and made to lick pussy while having her pussy spanked.

A blindfold and gag are fitted before she is strapon fucked. She is turned over then and fucked on all fours while having her nipples pinched as they take turns torturing her. This is a great scene with all your favourites in a lesbian bondage scene that can’t be missed, you can find it at WhippedAss

Holly West Uses Fucking Machines to Come Again And Again

Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

See Holly come again and again on these fucking machines till there’s nothing left.

Holly West always likes to be in control. Unfortunately for her the people at Fucking Machines found out that she had a vice for vibrators. Within a few minutes of the first machine being used she’s already come once and then the guys decide to make sure the vibrators are placed wight at the base of the dildos so Hollys only chance of using them is to take the whole dildo. What’s even better is that while Holly is squirming from her orgasms she is getting turned on again by the vibrators leading to another  orgasm almost immediately after. She’s aslo the first to try Pandoras Box, a speed of 300rpm and vibrating bullets on arms soon bring her to yet another orgasm after having to take the whole thing to the balls yet again to feel te bullets. Apparently after this she was so worn out she nearly fell asleep but the guys weren’t done with her yet, they put her on a Sybian and tied there. She comes again and again till she can’t produce any more fluid before they let her go.

Mz Berlin Gets fucked Senseless And Her Tits Tortured

come dripping

come dripping

Watch Berlin suffer some serious tit torture and forced orgasms here.

For those of you familiar with my other sites you’ll know that Berlin is easily one of my favourites. She doesn’t know what extreme is and as I’ve mentioned before she doesn’t seem to have limits on any of the bondage sites. Today she is at Hogtied where they give her some “category 5″ punishment, supposedly really harsh but you wouldn’t know it from Berlins expression. She starts off with some serious pussy slapping and fingering before being tied upside down with ropes around her massive tits, each tit tied to a different pole. She then has a dildo on a stick with a vibrator attached used until you can see the come dripping down her belly. She has dozens of pegs put on her tits and a vibrator used again. While the dildos in she has her pussy whipped and still nothing. In fact the first time she begs for him to stop is when she is hoisted into the air just by her hair. I’ve missed out so much of this scene because there is so much to it.

Prison Girls Bound And Gagged

Watch Serena Blair bed bound

When Serena Blair arrives in prison the first thing she is made to do is shower. It was just bad timing that she was left in there with the biggest lesbian sadist in the prison. Cherry Torn wasted no time grabbing the naked Serena by the hair and spinning her around to spank her pussy. After Serena gave her some lip she was forced to the ground face down have her ass spanked.

After fingering her ass Cherry turns Serena over and slaps her pussy till it’s red then makes her lick her pussy. Back in the cell she is tied to the bed post bound with her legs in the air. Her tits are slapped and her panties ripped up over her pussy. Her tits are whipped then she is fingered to orgasm while an Hitachi is held on her clit.

A dildo gag is fitted and Cherry rides her face while slapping her pussy till she cums. Next Serena is in a straightjacket tied to a post by a chain and gagged. Cherry spanks her ass and pussy before pinching her nipples then strapon fucking her. Serena is bent over then so she can take a strapon anal fucking while an Hitachi brings her to orgasm. You can see Sernea forced to orgasm at WhippedAss.

Lavender Rayne Suffer Some Real Tit Torture From Aiden Starr

Tit Torture

Tit Torture

See Lavender have some really intense orgasms in the free trailer here.

Lavender Raynes debut for WhippedAss goes exactly as she expected once she’s left in the hands of Aiden Starr. She knew it would be rough and Aiden is quite happy to make that happen. It starts off with Lavenders tits being slapped before she’s made to lick Aidens pussy while she has a vibrator used on her. A nice easy start only Aiden doesnt stop when Lavender finishes and when she gets tied face down on a table with her tits hanging over the edge with weighted nipple clamps you can see how far they’re pulling her tits towards the ground. She’s then strapon fucked before being made to lay on her back and have two zippers put up her side all the way to her nipples. She then has a dildo on a stick and a vibrator used and as she is coming each time she has one zipper pulled off. You can almost feel how intense the orgasms are from just watching.

Calico Surrenders To Some Serious Ass Punishment From Maitresse Madeline

strap on

strap on

Watch this great scene of Calico getting a really bad ass whipping here.

Calico may have a gorgeous body but that only makes what Maitresse Madeline does to it even worse. In this scene from WhippedAss she ties Calicos hands behind her back and up to the ceiling to keep her ass in a great position. She then whips it so hard you can see the marks for minutes afterwards. She then hoists her before using a dildo on a stick till Calico comes and moving straight on to a strap on. She whips her tits some more before lying her face down and caning her till her ass is at least 5 shades of red darker than the rest of her. Calico then has to lick Madelines pussy and do some rimming before Madeline decides she’s had enough. To finish her off she has a butt plug inserted and a strapon used at the same time and just as she’s finishing for the last time Madeline pulls a zipper from her tits.

Jade Marxxx Used And Abused By Mark Davis

ass whipped

ass whipped

Watch the trailer of Jade getting nipple tortured by Mark here.

Jade Marxxx learns a valuable lesson from Mark Davis when she’s given to him at Sex and Submission. The main thing she learns is never bite off more than you can chew. After getting her ass whipped she is forced to swallow Marks cock down to the base. He puts her in one of the best positions Ive ever seen next, her hands and arms are behind her in a box with her legs also behind her leaving her tits and pussy very open. After getting her tits whipped Mark attaches each nipple to each labia with clamps and chain. Each time she moves she pulls either one side of her labia or a nipple and Mark makes sure she has to move by using a vibrator on her even after she comes. She’s later tied to the floor and caned, whipped and forced to have anal sex, which surprisingly seems the hardest thing of all for Jade. I’ve purposely missed out a few scenes such as being pulled around by her nipples or hoisted up because this is one scene you really need to see to believe.

Rylie Richman Takes Initiation Bondage sex

Watch Rylie tied and fucked here

This full length fantasy scene sees Rylie Richman ordered to spend a night in an haunted building for an initiation into a sorority. She gets there and wanders around then sees a girl being led naked down the hall with a lead attached to her bound tits. She follows them into an hall where the girl is tied spreadeagled onto a pentagram.

She wanders away and sees two other women, one bound on all fours having her ass spanked and another in a cage having her nipples pinched. She goes back to watch the pentagram girl and gets jumped from behind. She is dragged into the room and held by one guy while the other strips her before they both get a forced deepthroat from her.

She has tight bands on her tits and a gasmask put on her before being tied to a post. She notices other women tied on the bed then has her pussy whipped. Next they whip her tits which are already purple then an Hitachi is used before she is made to swallow cock again.

The girl on the bed suffers the Hitachi and punished tits before Rylie is tied with her legs in the air to have her ass whipped then gets pussy fucked. She is made to swallow cock and is fucked from behind while standing but there is so much more to this massive scene. You can see Rylie Richman tied for sex at Hogtied.

Princess Donnas Submission

donnas submission

donnas submission

Download Mark using and abusing Princess Donna here.

When Princess Donna returns to Sex and Submission she is happy to find she has been paired up with Mark Davis. A lot of people know Donna as being a dom and it’s nice to see her in a scene as a sub for a change. She is left in Marks hand and to make sure she can’t stop him doing what he wants she is tied in a unique position with her head in a stocks backwards as in the picture, this leaves her open for anything. Mark happily obliges by whipping and caning her tits, using hot wax and fingering her before using a vibrator till she comes. Her tits are tied and weighted nipple clamps are used while she is forced to deepthroat Mark. She’s gagged and hoisted so Mark can whip her pussy hard being fucking her to another orgasm. She’s fingered, whipped and fucked more till she has a few more orgasm before Mark is finished with her.


Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

To see 3 girls squirt a few pints click here.

Fucking Machines often hold a squirting contest using different events between 3 girls. For this one they use a newcomers, Vai and Sindee Jennings to challeng the defending champion Flower Tucci. For the first event the girls have 2 minutes to squirt on 3 different machines, the second event is to see who can squirt the furthest. Unbelievable as it sounds, Flowers record stands at 16 feet, the length of one and a third full size snooker tables. There are other events such as the first the squirt in the third girls face, the third girl being locked in a cage. These girls use so many machines to squirt as much as possible and by the end the floor is absolutely soaked, at one point the girls are basically standing in a large puddle.