Charley Chase Has Her Pussy Stretched By Giant Dildo

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Charley Chase is an escort who sleeps with a married man. His wife finds out, hires her and talks her into trying some bondage. After she is tied Isis Love gives her some sexual punishment she’ll never forget. With Charley unable to move she brings out some truly massive dildos to use on her but first she whips her tits and pinches her nipples. She forces these huge dildos into her each one getting bigger and bigger telling Charley that by the time she is finished her stretched pussy will be no use to any man. She flogs her and smothers her before more dildo fucking and eventually gets so turned on she makes Charley wear a dildo gag and rides her face till she squirts all over her face.

Big Tit Claudia Valentine Hired As A Sex Slave

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Claudia Valentine didn’t know the main reason she got the job as maid to Aiden Starr was because of her huge tits. Her first day on the job Aiden makes her strip and ties her up before whipping her ass. She is then made to lie down while Aiden fist fucks her to orgasm while a vibrator is used on her clit. After that a large strapon is used to fuck her ass before she is made to swallow it. An even larger strapon is used to fuck her pussy before she is made to eat pussy. Claudia is fisted once again to another orgasm before Aiden tires of her for the day.

Julia Ann Bound And Fucked

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Julia Ann has been into bondage sex for a long time but this was a step up for her. She was dragged by her hair onto a couch and forced to bend over to have her ass whipped. She then has her ass paddled before being made to suck the heels of her mistress Bobbi Star while blindfolded.

She has her ass stretched using fingers then a large butt plug. The plug is left in as she has her ass whipped again before having her pussy bitten. The butt plug is removed so she can be ass fucked using a larger dildo which is left inside her as she has her pussy whipped. She is made to lick ass before a dildo gag is used for Bobbi to ride in her own ass.

Julia is strapon ass fucked with a massive dildo before a steel ass hook is inserted and she is forced to suck cock. She is ass fucked by John Strong while having her huge tits whipped. They takes turns ass fucking her before she has her mouth held open to eat his cum. You can see Julia bound for sex at Everything Butt.

Water Bondage


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Water Bondage is a great site that incorporates all the other bondage and tortures and also includes extra tortures all to do with water. These include high pressure hoses, dunking and breath control and even things such as negative gravity weights (people underwater with nipple clamps tied to balloons lifted upwards by the water. This latest scene from Water-bondage features Alexa Von Tess who, after a bad day at work decides she needs to burn off some of her excess energy. They put her in touch with The Sarge who is only too happy to help relieve some of her tension. She is tied, spanked, sprayed with water and pinched. Also used is a rope stretched between her legs attached to a bucket which is slowly filled with a hose, pulling the rope tighter and tighter through her legs and forcing her body upwards. Nipple clamps are used along with a dildo on a stick and vibrator all the while having water sprayed on her.

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19 Year Old Ally Ann Ass Whipped And Fist Fucked To Orgasms

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Ally Ann may only be 19 but she makes up for lack of experience by sheer effort. She agreed to this scene from WhippedAss but even though she is new to BDSM she was quite willing to go with the flow. Unluckily for her they paired her with Isis Love who takes no prisoners. Ally is tied up and has her tits whipped before the ass whipping starts. She is made to lick pussy before being tied upside down with pegs on her nipples and a dildo in her pussy. Next she is bent over and a giant strapon inserted in her mouth and pussy. She is tied to a bed stretched very wide for Isis to fist her pussy till she has an explosive orgasm then the giant strap-on comes out for another go.

The Training Of O

Training Of O

Training Of O

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The training of O is one of the harshest sites on bondage and does a few things the others don’t. For starters they don’t do single scenes, each woman has to put up with four days of training. This training varies and has a wide range but nearly all of it involves pain of some kind. At the bottom of each scene of the fourth day is a list of how each slave performed, her likes and dislikes and many other things. This scene is day 3 of Cherry Torns torment and she starts off being made to stand on one foot while having her tits and ass caned before having her ass whipped. They piss in her mouth before forcing her to deepthroat each of them and then fucked while locked in a stocks. This just about ends day 3 but each of these are just sub parts and they usually leave the harshest stuff till the last day.

Lyla Storm Bed Bound In Stocks

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Lyla Storm gets caught by Xander Corvus and kept in a cage while he thinks what to do with her. After saying something out of place he loses hi temper and makes her give him a forced blowjob. Still not happy he starts fucking her face hard. He lets her out of the cage to fuck her from behind as she cries her love for her boyfriend.

The crying winds him up so he fucks her harder then puts her on a special bed. On her knees her head and hands are put through a special headboard designed like a stocks. Once trapped he fucks her face some more before whipping her ass. He inserts as ann hook before fucking her tight pussy.

He removes the hook long enough to fuck her ass then turns her over, keeping her in the stocks so that he can spread her pussy lips and whip her clit. While her legs are post bound in the air he brings her to orgasm many times with an Hitachi and by fucking her. Still in the stocks he fucks her face some more and forces his balls into her mouth before cumming over her face. She’s made to lick it up before being released. You can see Lyla bound and fucked at Sex And Submission.

Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

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Sex and submission is a fairly different site to the others on here. Where the others are all about pain and bondage this site deals with using women who are submissive, women who can be used or abused and treated like dirt. This is Ahryan Astyn’s first attempt at any type of bondage and she gets used and tortured by Mark Davis, a veteran of this type of thing. I’d never seen Ahryan before this but must say she has a great body with large tits which gives Mark an easy target to start with. After stripping her and slapping her ass a bit he ties her hands above her head and uses nipple clamps on a length of chain which he makes her pull with her teeth while he uses a vibrator on her. After she has had her first orgasm he forces her togive a blowjob before getting down to business and fucking her hard. She has her lovely tits bound and her ass whipped while she is made to give another forced blowjob. She is fucked some more until Mark is satisfied. The main thing in this scene for me is the sight of Ahryans body, absolutely stunning.

Ana Foxxx Bondage Bound For Pussy Torture

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Ana Foxxx is bound and gagged hunched over lying on the floor as Claire starts off by paddling her ass. Not satisfied with this position she gets tied sitting up but with her legs in the air with an Hitachi placed on her clit and fingred to her first orgasm.

After a few more orgasms she is tied lying face down across a table wearing a bitgag, a hook in her pussy tied to her hair making her arch backwards and weighted nipple clamps stretching her tits. Claire punches her ass making her jiggle the weights then uses pegs on her pussy and bands to keep the pegs against her legs stretching her pussy wide open.

An Hitachi on her exposed clit brings her to orgasm and just as she cums Claire rips the pegs off. After more orgasms she is tied lying on her back on a box to be fucked with a stick dildo before finally being tied suspended upside down, a crotch rope rubbing her sensitive clit and a weighted rope stretching her neck while clamps are used on her tits. The stick dildo brings her to even more orgasms before she is released. You can see Ana post bound at Hogtied.




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Hogtied are one of the very best at bondage scenes and are now one of the better known ones. They have few limits and the girls they use have even fewer. It’s amazing then when they find one that has even less limits again, Bella is one of those girls. In this scene she has two tormentors working on her and starts off being stripped and her hands tied high above her head leaving her stunning tits available to be slapped and a vibrator used on her. She’ s later put in a steel cage, a steel hook inserted into her ass before a dildo on a long stick and a vibrator is used while a giant dildo is forced into her mouth. Her tits are bound and slapped with a piece of wood, again while vibrators are used. She is forced to come again and again then made to lick it up from the dirty wood she was tied to. Some of the camera angles show so much you can see how Hogtied has become one of my favorites and the girls like Bella are such an added bonus.