Marie Luv Bed Bound For Anal

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Marie Luv is having a good time at a party when she wanders into an empty room with Bobbi Star. Bobbie drops some pills in her drink and pretty soon Marie finds herself tied to the bed while Bobbi strips her off. She is so relaxed that she hardly notices the giant buttplug inserted in her ass as Bobbi spanks her ass.

She is bent over for an ass whipping before her legs are placed behind her ears as Bobbi fucks her ass with the buttplug. She pulls out a giant vibrator to fuck her ass leaving Marie soaking before inserting giant anal beads. She uses a dildo gag on Marie then rides it in her ass before taking it off to make Maire lick inside her ass.

Bobbi invites a guy from the party in then to get a blowjob and fuck her ass as Marie licks his balls. Marie gives a forced deepthroat before being ass fucked from behind. Bobbi gets ass fucked before Marie rides his cock while being ass fucked by a steel dildo for some double penetration. Watch these 2 stunners bound and fucked in the ass at EverythingButt.

Sindee Jennings Used By Delilah Strong For Sexual Torture

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Sindee Jennings first showing on Whippedass is a must see as she is pushed to her limits by Delilah, especially the amount of orgasms she has. To get her sweaty she is made to move rubble in the nude and is then made to lick pussy. She has nipple clamps put on her, later the clamps are ripped off by Delilah leaving her nipples sensitive and easy to torture. She is tied on all fours for an ass whipping before a large dildo is inserted into her pussy. She has a ballgag fitted before being fisted and having a very large strapon used on her fucking her pussy. Throughout all this she has multiple orgasms which squirt yards into the air.

Dom Felony Takes Punishment

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Felony has been a dom for way too long and now the doms are being given a taste of their own medicine. This time it’s Felony’ turn. The subs have made a list of everything Felony likes to do to them and Bobbi Starr is given the pleasure of handing out punishment to the bound and tied Felony.

Felony is strapped to a bench, tied and gagged for her ass spanking with an ass hook inserted and tied to her hair. She then has her ass caned before an ass whipping at full strength has her screaming into the gag. Bobbi canes her feet before slapping her ass then twanging elastic bands on the soles of her feet.

The bands are twanged on her clit before she has her pussy slapped red. Her tits are tied and she is fingered, strapon fucked and vibrated through squirting orgasms. The brutal orgasms are painful and wet, especially after about the tenth one. She is made to lick pussy and ass as pegs are placed on her then ripped off along with a zipper before being strapon ass fucked. You can see this extra long scene of Felony bound and gagged at WhippedAss.

Lorelei Lees Live Shoot For WiredPussy Sees Her Fisted And Pussy Tortured

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If you only get to see one shoot ever then this is the one. Loerlei is a stunner with high limits but in this scene they are pushed as far as they could go. This scene from WiredPussy is a live shoot in front of an audience who cant believe the amount of punishment she can take. She has a Samurai in her pussy and her ass while a vibrator is used on her clit to make her come and the wetter she gets the more it hurts. EMS pads on her tits while a zipper is pulled from them is another good point along with being made to suck a dildo, ride a dildo with the audience watching is also fun. She gets fisted while a vibrator is used on her and with a dom sitting on her stomach with pegs on her tits, basically everything they could throw at her at the same time and all this sexual torture is filmed live. The best scene i have ever watched.

Cheater Kirra Lynne Punished By Isis Love

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Kirra Lynnecheats on a test and is caught by Isis Love who decides the best way to punish her is through sexual torture. She strips her off and bends her over a desk and over her knee for an ass spanking. Kirras nipples are pinched and twisted before being forced to lick Isis pussy. A strapon dildo is used on her and she is forced to use a mouth dildo on Isis. Her head is held onto Isis Ass and she is forced to lick ass till Isis comes before some more strapon fucking.

Asphyxia Noir Bound And Fucked

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Asphyxia Noir plays a nurse in a mental asylum that gets caught and trapped by patient James Deen. He sets the bed to look like he is in there but when she pulls the blankets back all that she sees is the restraints that were meant to keep him locked down.

He jumps her from behind and gags her before bending her over against the padded wall to spank her ass. He strips her off and ties her spreadeagled to the bed while the ballgag keeps her quiet as he fists her pussy. He puts her legs under her arms so he has better access as she is bound and fucked.

He moves her forward then so she is knelt down still tied to have her tits whipped hard. He gives her a forced deepthroat before bending her over and using an electric dildo to shock her pussy as he continues to whip her. He fucks her some more before using a leather strap to smack her pussy. He uses a zapper on her as he fucks her some more till he’s ready to leave her covered in cum. You can see Asphyxia Noir bound and gagged at Sex And Submission.

Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

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Everyone interested in bondage knows of Vendetta, she’s been on lots of similar sites to Fucking Machines, including Wired-Pussy, Hogtied and Ultimate Surrender amongst others. I think she is trying to find out what her orgasm limit is before she becomes too sore for any more. In this scene, her first on Fucking Machines she is gagged with her own panties and blindfolded. She’s tied and has a machine used on her while she has her tits whipped before the vibrator is brought in to bring her to her first of many orgasms. She’s oiled up and tied to another machine while nipple clamps are put on her, then stretched so tight you can see all her muscles. Made to site on yet another machine she is brought to a few more orgasms then just when she’s reaching what she thought was her limit they put her on the Sybian. After many more and when the pleasure has turned to pain they free her from their bondage.

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Device Bondage

Device Bondage

Device Bondage

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Device Bondage offers many great clips of people tied and subjected to no end of sexual tortures. In this clip a stunning woman named Swiss is put through a lot of these tortures. She starts off having a gasmask put on and her legs tied high in the air and has en electric dildo shoved in her ass and an electric butterfly type device on her pussy. As well as these she has cattle prods and whips used on her exposed ass before changing positions to have her legs tied in the air with a leg spreader keeping her wide open. She has pegs put all the way down her inner thighs and onto her pussy before they are yanked off as a zipper. The are plenty of other tortures, this is just a taster but to give you some idea she has whips and paddles used on her. That’s not to mention some other items like canes and she is tied in all different ways including to some pipes, all designed to leave her as open and vulnerable as possible. Electric sex seems to be one of her tormentors favourite things and he sets about her with all sorts of electric pussy torture using all sorts of items for weird insertions. You can see the full clip of Swiis getting beaten and tortured by clicking here.

Olivias Public Sex

Public Sex

Public Sex

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For anybody interested in exhibitionism this is a must see. Olivia, a Czech model gets tied up and walked through the streets in broad daylight. What makes it worse is that it’s Princess Donna doing the leading and as everyone who has seen Donna before knows, she has no qualms about anything sexual. She walks through the city with Olivia made to follow, down busy streets and past all the shops and bars. Shes spanked on the pavement while you can see cars going past on the busy main road then tied to some railings and forced to give a blowjob. She’s then fucked and whipped on a busy road while in full view. This is a great scene of public disgrace from one of the greats.

Sister Dee Gets Some Serious Spanking From Cyd

Device Bondage

Device Bondage

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Sister Dee comes to Device Bondage looking for some fun, what she found was some serious pain. She’s chained and put into a box with an electrified grate over the top of her so close that her tits are either side of one of the bars. It’s hard enough to stay perfectly still in this position but Cyd makes it harder by using a cattle prod on her and nipple clamps to pull her nipples through the grate knowing Dee just has to lett him do it. Next he locks Dee in a position where her head is below ground level with her ass in the air. He uses a larger butt plug before whipping and spanking her hard.That’s just the first two scenes.