Aiden Aspen Bound Naked For Tit Torture

Watch Aiden bound and helpless

Aiden Aspen has the look of an angel but admits she has never been one as far as sex is concerned. She is tied helpless to some poles in this scene with her back arched as they start her off by whipping her tits. They bring out the cane next and after a bit of teasing they cane her pussy.

They suction tube her nipples before using a vibrator to force an orgasm from this lovely girl then rip the suction tubes off her. They squeeze her already painful nipples next then pull her nipples till she screams. When they are tender enough they put nipple clamps on her.

The vibrator is used to force even more orgasms from her until they think she is in enough pain. When they think her clit is sensitive enough they use a crotch rope and pull it tight before adding a bowling ball. You can see Aiden bound helpless at Hogtied.

Bound And Fucked Krystal Kaos Crying

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Krystal Kaos appears for the last session of being bound and fucked to tears. She is in extreme restraints tied to a wall with scaffold poles with a chain around her neck leaving her motionless. The fucking machine Omega is used to fuck her pussy at full speed as he twangs elastic bands on her feet.

Nipple clamps are placed on her tits then weights added pulling her nipples hard as he goes back to the bands on her feet. The fucking machine is going bringing more and more orgasms from her until she screams so loud they place a mousetrap on her tongue to shut her up.

She has so many orgasms and her sensitive clit is so sore that she starts to cry. She is left to suffer while she continues to be bound and fucked nonstop and at full speed. The whole time she is pulling so hard that when they finally let her go you can see the where the links around her neck have been. You can see Krystal bound and fucked at Device Bondage.

4 Girls Bound And Tied To Sybians

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This is part of the live fucking machines that is happening all this month. They use a lot of girls, Lorelei Lee, Maitresse Madeline, Dia Zerva and Bella Rossi in these scene where they also include one machine virgin every day. Today it’s Gia DiMarco’ turn and tomorrow is Mallory Rae.

They start off with 3 of the girls machine fucked by 3 others while a vibrator is held onto their clits. This is supposed to warm them up but the girls don’t stop until they’ve all had squirting orgasms including Gia who manages to squirt into the audience.

After that 4 girls including Gia are bound and tied atop Sybians. Their hands are behind their backs, their tits tied and rope going from their hands back above them. Their tits are whipped as they are forced to orgasm then their nipples are pinched. They are left there to orgasm after painful orgasm. You can see this live show of girls bound and tied for orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Aiden Aspen Bound Naked For Pussy Torture

Watch Aidens debut bound naked for sex

Aiden is placed into one of the strongest and most painful suspensions on her debut instead of the usual take it slowly approach because she said she could handle it. She starts off with her hands tied above her head to a ring while on tiptoe then has her top cut off leaving her bound naked and stretched.

Clamps are placed on her nipples then weights added before she gets her ass spanked red. A vibrator is used to bring a few orgasms from her before the clamps are taken off so she can have her tits whipped. Her one leg is then attached to the ring leaving her bound naked with her pussy wide open for the vibrator to bring some painful orgasms.

The fact she can spread her legs that wide was not missed and as they tried to stretch her more her feet were taking form the ground leaving her hanging by her arms and one leg. They got a few more orgasms from her before she was released. You can see Aiden and other girls bound and forced to come at Hogtied.

Lily LaBeau Bound And Gagged For Pain

Watch Lily in straight jacket for sex

When Lily walks into a mental hospital for a meeting she is trapped by Mark Davis and Dr Bobbi Starr. When she wakes up it is to find herself tied in a straight jacket and wearing nothing else. She is bent over to have her ass spanked by Bobbi and Mark before having her pussy zapped.

Bound to a bed she is fucked by Mark while Bobbi sits on her face and makes her lick her pussy. They switch places with Lily giving a forced blowjob while having her pussy fisted and a vibrator bringing orgasms from her. She is then stood up with pussy clamps on her and weighted nipple clamps.

She is sprayed with water and scrubbed with a brush before having her pussy scrubbed. She then has her ass whipped by Mark before being bent over. A buttplug is inserted then Bobbi strapon fucks her while she sucks cock. Mark takes Bobbi’s place then before being bed bound and gagged. Mark cums in Bobbis mouth then she spits it into Lily’s. You can see Lily bound naked and tortured at Sex And Submission.

Bobbi Starr Forced To Orgasm

See Bobbi forced to come

Bobbie Starr has been around for a while now and the only thing she has said she doesn’t like is the Sybian. That may be why she was asked to do this scene. She was made to sit on the Sybian with the dildo in her pussy and vibrator on her clit as Dragonlily fingered her till she had managed a few orgasms.

When sufficiently sore she was made to lie on her back as the Piledriver and Mojo take turns fucking her pussy and ass while a vibrator is held on her sore clit. She has so many orgasms she is screaming from the pain but the vibrator is held there.

After a few closeups of the machines fucking her pussy and ass and the squirting orgasms coming out from around it they let her go. She said afterwards that she did like the Sybian and think she may have another go when fully recovered. You can see Bobbi over at Fucking machines.

Mellanie Monroe Bound And Tied With Sister


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When Mellanie Monroe fails to keep Bill Bailey out of jail he comes up with plenty of ideas for revenge for when he gets out. Once out he kidnaps her sister Alura Jenson and chains her to the wall after he strips her then fucks her face. She is then gagged and tied to a bed as he leads in Mellanie blindfolded.

Not knowing her sister is watching she is forced to swallow cock too. Once she has choked on cock he takes her blindfold off then takes turn skull fucking them. While Alura sucks his cock Mellanie licks his balls then he gets Alura to sit on her sisters face while Mellanie licks her out as Bill fucks her from behind.

He ties Mellanis face down on the bed with her butt up and Alura licking her pussy while he fucks her from behind again and spanking her ass hard if she doesn’t lick her sisters pussy. He ass fucks each of them in turn while holding an Hitachi to their clits before sitting them side by side to be covered in cum. You can see these bed bound sisters fucked at Sex And Submission.

Mia Stiletto Bound Naked And Tortured

Watch Mia take a debut BDSM torture

Mia has never done a porno and why she picked Device Bondage is start is a bit confusing but we were glad to get her. She admitted from the start she liked BDSM but has only ever been a dom so this was new to her. We stripped her off and tied her down spreadeagled.

She had her big tits whipped and nipple clamps attached before we started smacking her pussy. The cane came out then which was used all over including caning her pussy. A vibrator was used as she was fingered to orgasm then rope and weights hung from her nipples as bands were twanged on her feet.

The vibrator was used as she was filled with cock then fingered to another orgasm as the weight on her nipples finally became too much for the clamps to hold. You can watch Mia bound and fucked at Device Bondage.

Lolita Haze Bound Naked For Electric Sex

Watch Lorelei Lee push her past her limits

Lolita was afraid of the electricity from the start but managed to carry on through most of it. She was bound and gagged to a pole then stripped. Lorelei used the zapper on her and when she managed that she brought out the cattle prod. Lolita was made to lick pussy and told if she stopped before Lorelei came the cattle prod would be used.

Copper tape was wrapped around her then puts pegs on her nipples. She is made to suck a huge dildo which is then used to strapon fuck her. An electric dildo is used in her pussy then an anal buttplug. She eventually gets an an electro-stem as well as she is ass fucked.

This is the first time I have ever seen someone use a safe word on any of these scenes, in fact I didn’t think they had one. She was in so much pain that she used it but Lorelei then helped her to get past these limits and go a lot further, by the end she was taking as much as most others. A great scene where you get to see how much this hurt, it can be found at WiredPussy.

MILF Tied And Gagged For Extreme Pussy Torture

Watch this bed bound woman suffer female torture

When this blonde slavegirl allows herself to be tied to a bed she knows she is going to suffer. Stripped and tied so she can’t move a pinwheel is run up and down her pussy and over her clit as she screams. Her tits are tied tight and a ballgag fitted to keep her quiet.

A plastic circle with pegs are attached all around her pussy lips spreading her pussy wide open and a knife is jabbed at her pussy. While this is happening suction tubes attached to her nipples are set at high speed as her tits are milked then a stick dildo used to fuck her pussy while her lips are stretched to breaking point.

The tubes are removed so hot wax can be dripped on her nipples then the ropes are removed from her tits. Chains are used to bind her tits with tight nipple clamps attached. She suffered real tit torture in this scene. You can find more bound and gagged women here at Pain Freaks.