Mae Meyers Bound Naked Upside Down


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Mae Meyers is just 19 years old but she does have a filthy mind so they decided to see how far she would go in this scene. She is stripped and bound naked upside down against a wall. Her legs are spread and she has her tits whipped hard which she handled well but then they brought out the cane which had her screaming.

An Hitachi wand is held onto her clit making her cum and drip her own juices into her mouth. He had a solution for that though, he filled her mouth with his cock. He fucked her face at full speed till she was choking on cock while holding the wand on her clit bringing orgasm after painful orgasm from her.

A rope it tied to her waist and pulled away from the wall to arch her. Instead of calming her down the orgasms started soming faster and faster. Her clit is red from overuse by the end of the scene. You can see Mae Meyer as a bound slave face fucked at Hogtied.

Skylar Price Tied To Bamboo And Tit Tortured

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Skylar Price did this as a live show but this is the edited version showing better angles. She is stripped and tied to bamboo before having her tits tortured. She is suspended in midair with weighted nipple clamps pulling down on her tied tits while a vibrator is used on her before having her tits tied tight between two bamboo shoots and her nipples clamped. She has her foot beaten with bamboo before having hot wax dripped over her tits and a vibrator used on her. After yet another orgasm the hot wax is dripped on her pussy before being turned over and an ass hook inserted with large dildos in her pussy stretching her holes.

College Girl Katie Summers Takes Sex Pain For Money

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Katie Summers needed some extra cash and was invited to join Isis Love with the chance to make some. The deal was the more pain she takes the more cash she gets. Isis really lets her have it, starting off fucking her pussy with an electric dildo. She has her tits clamped and then her nipples zapped before being fucked by a dildo on a stick being made to have orgasm after orgasm. She is put in an electric cage with minimal room to move and has a cattle prod used on her. Next are pegs and her tits tied before being fucked by a strap-on dildo till she has even more orgasms

Sadie West Gets Public Sex In San Fransisco

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Sadie West gets taken to San Francisco and walked naked into a coffee shop called Wicked Grounds. She is tied up and has a vibrator used on her in front of the customers before being pussy fucked in front of the customers who are then invited to join in. She was forced to endure BDSM and kinky bondage when another kinky couple agreed to join in. The girl gave Mark a blowjob and licked Sadies ass before Sadie was made to give her hubby a blowjob while tied up. Sadie had a dildo on a stick used on her, her tits tied and nipples pinched before having another orgasm.

Escort Krissy Lynn Bound For Anal

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Mark Davis had been denied sex from his wife Krissy Lynn for weeks so looks for an online escort to have fun with. He is shocked to find his wife has been living a double life as a bdsm escort. She calls him to say she’s working late so he plays along. Next thing she is bound to a table wearing a ballgag and having her tits whipped by Mickey Mod.

Nipple clamps are used as she is vibrated to orgasm before being made to swallow cock in a great forced deepthroat. She is bound on all fours for an ass spanking before being fucked from behind in both holes. She gets home already sore and with a prepared excuse but Mark is ready for her. He puts a hood over her head then ties her up before putting a ballgag on her.

He asks her if she likes rough sex as he puts harsh nipple clamps on her then uses a zapper on her tits. He removes the gag to fuck her face until she chokes then inserts a large buttplug before whipping her tits. He fucks her ass while spanking her ass and pinching her nipples. She is bound to the bed, has her ass fucked while an Hitachi brings orgasms from her then has her face fucked again. You can see Krissy bound for anal at Sex And Submission.

Whipped Ass



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WhippedAss is a great site for extreme bondage, the girls on there are stunning and happy to have anything done to them. They also have some wonderful tormentors, people like the one in this scene, Claire Adams. Her victim today is Sabrina Fox, a veteran of this type of bondage and torture and Claire is happy to take her further than she could possibly want. Claire starts off slapping Sabrinas face and chest but moves quickly on to her ass with a hard whipping. She has silver hooks put into her ass and pussy then tied up together with a leather belt so neither can fall out. She has pegs placed on her pussy and back and a piece of rope is used to pull them off in a zipper. Legs tied above her head and tits tied with nipple clamps the pain is made more intense with hot wax splashed on her pussy and a dildo on a stick and vibrator used. Claire actually pounds the top of the stick to force the dildo in as far as possible. There’s plenty more with items like strap-ons but you’d be better visiting the site to see the whole trailer.

Charley Chase Has Her Pussy Stretched By Giant Dildo

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Charley Chase is an escort who sleeps with a married man. His wife finds out, hires her and talks her into trying some bondage. After she is tied Isis Love gives her some sexual punishment she’ll never forget. With Charley unable to move she brings out some truly massive dildos to use on her but first she whips her tits and pinches her nipples. She forces these huge dildos into her each one getting bigger and bigger telling Charley that by the time she is finished her stretched pussy will be no use to any man. She flogs her and smothers her before more dildo fucking and eventually gets so turned on she makes Charley wear a dildo gag and rides her face till she squirts all over her face.

Big Tit Claudia Valentine Hired As A Sex Slave

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Claudia Valentine didn’t know the main reason she got the job as maid to Aiden Starr was because of her huge tits. Her first day on the job Aiden makes her strip and ties her up before whipping her ass. She is then made to lie down while Aiden fist fucks her to orgasm while a vibrator is used on her clit. After that a large strapon is used to fuck her ass before she is made to swallow it. An even larger strapon is used to fuck her pussy before she is made to eat pussy. Claudia is fisted once again to another orgasm before Aiden tires of her for the day.

Julia Ann Bound And Fucked

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Julia Ann has been into bondage sex for a long time but this was a step up for her. She was dragged by her hair onto a couch and forced to bend over to have her ass whipped. She then has her ass paddled before being made to suck the heels of her mistress Bobbi Star while blindfolded.

She has her ass stretched using fingers then a large butt plug. The plug is left in as she has her ass whipped again before having her pussy bitten. The butt plug is removed so she can be ass fucked using a larger dildo which is left inside her as she has her pussy whipped. She is made to lick ass before a dildo gag is used for Bobbi to ride in her own ass.

Julia is strapon ass fucked with a massive dildo before a steel ass hook is inserted and she is forced to suck cock. She is ass fucked by John Strong while having her huge tits whipped. They takes turns ass fucking her before she has her mouth held open to eat his cum. You can see Julia bound for sex at Everything Butt.

Water Bondage


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Water Bondage is a great site that incorporates all the other bondage and tortures and also includes extra tortures all to do with water. These include high pressure hoses, dunking and breath control and even things such as negative gravity weights (people underwater with nipple clamps tied to balloons lifted upwards by the water. This latest scene from Water-bondage features Alexa Von Tess who, after a bad day at work decides she needs to burn off some of her excess energy. They put her in touch with The Sarge who is only too happy to help relieve some of her tension. She is tied, spanked, sprayed with water and pinched. Also used is a rope stretched between her legs attached to a bucket which is slowly filled with a hose, pulling the rope tighter and tighter through her legs and forcing her body upwards. Nipple clamps are used along with a dildo on a stick and vibrator all the while having water sprayed on her.

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